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Hope Child Cancer Care Foundation is an 80G registered not–for–profit organization dedicated to supporting economically challenged families in their battle with pediatric cancer. Hope offers a network of services that provides end-to-end support from the moment of diagnosis to the completion of rehabilitation. We strongly believe every child must get quality care, regardless of background or financial situation.
Along with our kind-hearted donors and many incredible volunteers, we strive to spread Hope to every family in this agonizing situation. With timely detection, proper treatment, and a supportive environment, the survival rate among children can go up to 90%
  • 5 years Of Taking Care
  • 2000+ No.of Families Touched By Hope
  • More Than 5000+ Donors
Your contribution today gives the children an opportunity for a brighter future.

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A world where no child has to lose their childhood
to cancer

When young people want to tell their story, we listen. These young people still believe in a better tomorrow. They know they can break free from those who This is the impact you helped us achieve in 2020-21.

Out of 14 districts in Kerala , 5 HOPE HOMES established in various district
90 % of the fund utilized for patient care
  • Creating a holistic environment for children and their families to thrive
  • Comprehensive programs to ensure a healthy childhood for each child
  • Access & guidance to appropriate care and medical facilities

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